No More! No More! I Can’t Take It Any More!

Is… Is this really a Site Related thing when I’m talking about the sister site?  Oh well, who cares.

I just did an overhaul of Welltun Cares Reviews.  Something about the previous theme (ChaoticSoul) never quite jelled for me.  I liked the black, I liked how the colors looked, but there.  Was.  Something.  Wrong.

So when announced a new theme (iNove), I checked it out and something just clicked.  I had to have it.

One problem.  Some of the colors used while posting in ChaoticSoul didn’t quite work.  ChaotucSoul had a black background; Inove a white one.  Words that were bright in the former were all but invisible in the latter.

Changes had to be made.  Ones that made sure that things would look fine in black or in white.

Peachy, right?

Ah, but there was another problem.  I didn’t care for the catagories.  So that, too, had to be changed.  Sounds simple, but a lot of dancing about went into it.  Enough to make my head spin.

So that’s it.  No more work on that site.  Finito.  I can rest and…

What’s that?

I haven’t put a review up for this week yet?

I still do those?


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