Just Posting To Post Something Post #1061

Dad went in the hospital this weekend and is still there as I write this. More heart problems. They’ve done the balloon thing and (if all goes well) he’ll be outta there by tomorrow.

On the negative front, odds are good that the next time he goes in it’ll be for an operation sequel called Heart Bypass 2: The Quickening.

Yeah, I’m not laughing either.  The visits we’ve been having have been nothing.  Bypass…  Bypass isn’t such a fun one.

I’ll be back later, perhaps after Dad exits the House of Pain hospital.  Until then, keep healthy, keep safe, and keep sending me money.

Or.  Y’know.  Start.  Would be nice…

offers of money will be graciously refused


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  1. Hope things go well for your dad. As far as the money thing – I promise to start sending you 50% of everything folks send me. Guaranteed.

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