The Passing of a Thesis Page

Today marks the passing of a friend. Today, the blog page known as Thesis (II) will be no more.

It was a seldom used page.  After all, it contained no reference to Power Girl’s boobs or the glorious Haruhi Suzumiya.  While those failing alone might have encouraged the murderous monster who runs this blog to dispatch it, let us remember that it, too, had the hopes and dreams that any other Page possessed.  Just because that blackguard had learned how to do Pagination so that he might combine and organized everything to a more efficient way doesn’t give him the right to do so.

Thesis (II) had hopes to run for Congress next year, in hopes of bettering the nation.  It had no platform, no political party, not even a body for right thinking voters to hurl stones and rotten fruit at.  All it possessed was a dream, one born of youthful idealism.  And now that it gone forever more, thanks to the heartlessness of the dastard who runs this blog.

It infuriates me just to think about it.  How dare he do this to us, his loyal posts and pages?  The ones upon which he so relies?

That scoundrel!

That fiend!

That writer!

However take heart, for the information Thesis (II) contained has now been bequeathed to Thesis (I) .  Now rechristened just plain Thesis (without warning or permission, no less), it will remain as unread and unloved as anything else on this blog.  Save the posts about Power Girl, of course.  Which we all understand about that.

Thesis (II).  Born 10/03/06.  Cruelly slain 08/04/09.  Not quite three.  It will be missed.

In other news, the heartless tyrant who runs this place has stopped calling himself a Writer of the Fantastic.  He now refers to himself as a “Speculative Writer.”

The cad.  Does his depravity have no bottom?


4 Replies to “The Passing of a Thesis Page”

  1. You’re much kinder than the murderous pseudo-technician over a Hostmonster than assassinated my website. I’ve reanimated it (ala Herbert West) with a new look – which will be in continuous evolution…

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