No One Cares, But I Was Wrong About Cathy’s Curse

Over the years I made it a point to make fun of a movie I knew as Cathy’s Curse.  At one point, I tried watching it once, found it boring, and fast forward through it.  Thought I got the gist of it, no need to see it again.  I routinely suggested that this “viewing” is the way the film was meant to be seen, implying in places that it was as bad as Pieces, a slasher flick that outdoes itself in repulsiveness.

Last week I rewatched Cathy’s Curse without the aid of fast forward and learned that it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it.  Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t great.  It sure as hell wasn’t as bad as Pieces.

I was wrong for what I said and I regret doing so.

So.  What do I think about the movie now?

Well, let me let you in on a little secret.  Don’t spread it just yet, but I’ve started another blog called Welltun Cares Reviews.  I intend to focus on reviewing movies there in a fashion a little less whimsical and a little more in depth than I do here.  What wit I have I try to display, which may be damning myself with over praise.

For the Cathy’s Curse review, click here.  I cover the entire movie, so be warned.  Also, it’s about 8 pages in length, so pack a lunch.

Yes.  Eight pages.  On Cathy’s Curse.  Not only have I put more thought into the film than the film makers, I’ve out done every one who has ever viewed it.

Pity me.


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