Today, for the first time this century… maybe for the first time in fifteen years… I have gotten myself sunburned.  Face.  Shoulders.  Arms.  Maybe hands.  I haven’t missed this feeling.  Would, in fact, prefer never to feel it again.

No wonder I cling to the night and fear the sun. Ow.  Ow. Oh ow.


2 Replies to “Red”

  1. Sorry about the sunburn – my website is still out – so here is the latest entry…

    Well, here it is – about 3 weeks later (with a 2 week stay in the hospital for surgery and about a week of miscellaneous laying around). Things are never dull in this life. After slipping on the wet floor and about 4 days of extremely painful laying on my downstairs couch, I decided to make the trip to the local orthopedic center (well, not really local) and discovered that I had fractured the same damn femur that I fractured as a seven year old – just in a different location). This time, the break occurred at the top of the femur, near the hip. This was tough, since it wasn’t a question if just applying a cast (which wasn’t done) – it was a question of painful mobility attempts which precluded sitting up. So I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks and had the repair done in the form of pins inserted to facilitate the immobilization.

    No real comment on the hospital facility, except that it was founded in 1945 with no perceivable updates since then. Think “hospital bed” with no side rails (!!!) and you have to go outside and purchase everything separately – even blood for the surgery (!!!!). Still, it was an expensive endeavor – even for here. So, here I am, learning to use crutches and passing the time in the un-air conditioned portion of my apartment (too bad it’s summer – lol). Anyway, I have an appointment on Wednesday to remove the remaining staples that were used to close the incision. The tough part is being out of work and still having to pony up for antibiotics, pain meds, etc. I guess I’m pretty fortunate, though. The whole procedure was only about $2,000 – much cheaper than the United States. But with a $450 per month average income, it becomes a challenge. Anyway, enough whining. I still have a few more weeks to plan a good strategy. I’ll keep everyone updated by email – since my website is still on the fritz…

    1. I’d been hoping for some word from you. Though as the past two times you’ve commented has been on post where I’ve been whining about my own meager (by comparison) pains, I’ve begun to think there’s some connection. So the next time I stub my toe, I’ll keep it to myself, least cause further misfortune to fall your way. 🙂

      Sorry to hear the website’s been acting up. Not a good thing at all.

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