Me and My Dirty Mouth

I’d picked Mom up from her work yesterday, as is my wont, and was heading towards the local Quik Trip to feed the car.  As we went, we were discussing our own dining needs.  Specifically a fast food joint.  As she has very specific eating requirements, the range was rather limited.  I tend to be more open to where we go so long as the name of the place doesn’t start with a Mc and end with a Donald’s.

She had decided on a taco place, one of the few places I have limited options in what to get.  I was fine with that, as a Wendy’swas near by and I’d become fond of their Chicken Go-Wrap dealies.  (Though I took the time to mourn their glorious Turkey Basil Frescata1) I even decided to go cheap for a change, saying “Hell, I’d even take a QT hot dog right now.”

Now you must understand something.  Of the parents, Mom is the closest to being prim and proper.  In all of my years, I can only remember hearing her swear once, and she was sick at the time.  On this, she tends to insist on “clean” speech from her boys.  Though these days we tend to get by with a bit bluer words.

Not that day.  “Cullen!” she said.  “Watch your language.”

As hell is not on my list of watchwords, this outburst struck me as amusing.  Which triggered a bit of Cullen Humor.  I corrected my comment thusly, “”F—, I’d even take a QT hot dog right now.”

You ever hear of a thirty-something man getting his mouth washed out with soap by his mother?

Now you have.
















Hang on a second.  Just justifying all the work I did setting up the footnote links.  Won’t be a moment.













1I keep wanting to call it a Chicken Basil Frescata, but the never wrong Wikipedia sez otherwise. Maybe I’m confusing it with the damn chicken salad version that replaced it.

Doesn’t matter. Whatever it was, it’s gone forever now.

I’m half convinced that there’s a secret cabal out there dedicated to taking the things I like from me.

“Cullen likes that Misfits of Science show.”

“Cancel it.”

“He’s watching Manimal now.”

“Cancel it.”

“Now he’s into X-Files.”

“Too popular.  Give it a crap movie, then notch down the show’s quality to -11 for the remainder of the time it’s on.”

“Done and done!”

I can’t believe Babylon Five lasted it’s scheduled run.  Though you can probably blame the dip in quality in Season Five on me; I started watching it religiously end of Season Three/Season Four.



2 Replies to “Me and My Dirty Mouth”

  1. Have you actually watched Misfits of Science recently?

    The pilot is still cheesy fun, but the actual series is so bad it actually cause me physical pain when I watched it. It was like I was subjecting my eyeballs and eardrums to cholla, and that fabled plant was leaping out and stabbing it’s barbed spines repeatedly into me.

    Automan evokes a similar response.

    1. This from the guy who doesn’t like the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon! No taste! 😛

      Seriously, though? you want pain, I’ve got three words for you “The A Team”. Or how how about four: “Battle of the Planets.” Ouchie.

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