Indent-ured Servant

So. Enough with the bad poems. Let’s go prose.

Brother Todd has started a blog called In a Sunken State.  He’s so far updated it every day with actual content and not the pretend stuff I’m using here.  Which means I hate him and hope he gets a cramp in his nose have yet another family member writing.  If Brother Eric gets back on the wagonblog wagon and my mom starts up a blog herself, then I will no longer be a unique snowflake my entire immediate family while have an internet presence.  Which will be most depressing if they all update better/more content than me very nice indeed.

Crap.  Used up my Strikethrough alotment for the month.  And it’s only the fifth.  How will I make with the funny now?

The girl who just said “You haven’t been funny yet?”  Someone will just keyed the hell out of your car.

Strikethrough aside aside, it’s very amusing watching Todd write on the computer.  As he puts it in his first post: “I find writing to be INCREDIBLY BORING.”  And yet whenever he gets a chance, he’s typing away.

Take today, for instance.  I went out to pick both him and the great Dad up from their respective works, as is my wont.  As there tends to be a stretch of time arriving at Dad’s work and Dad leaving work, I brought with the Lap Devil Box in hopes of getting work done on the novel.  But did I?  No!  Todd had a post to finish.  And, when that was done, he started another one.

There he was, sitting right next to me, doing what I most wanted to do.  And you know what?  I couldn’t stop watching the words form on the screen.  It was like watching the most wonderful movie in the world.

I must be addicted to writing.

But this was being rude.  I set my chair back and cover my eyes to keep the madness at bay.  As I did, I said something to the effect of, “The worst part about sitting here with you typing is that I keep reading over your shoulder.”

“Oh I don’t mind that,” he replied, then, in a mock serious voice said, “But don’t you f—–g correct me.”

Amusing thought, that.  Me correcting someone else’s work.  Writing this essay alone, I’ve switched between past and present tenses seemingly a bijillion times.  Oh, I’ve corrected the offending text (at least I hope I have) but it keeps happening.

I dread going through this site some days.  I really do.  No doubt the whole thing is filled with spelling errors and unfinished sente

I told him not to worry about me playing editor.  A moment later I said, off hand, “I noticed you don’t indent your paragraphs.  I always do.  In fact, as soon as I found out how to do so, I made sure to keep it up.  All those blocks of texts drive me nuts.”

Now, that seems innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Only the next time I peeked at the screen, I saw Todd had started indenting the paragraph.

On my say so.

So I’m thinking maybe he didn’t know he did it.  Maybe I have him trained enough, conditioned enough so that he’ll obey my every command.  All without thinking about it.

Oh the POWER!

And that’s all for now folks.  See you tomorrow (with hope) for an essay with.. dare we hope?  More meat to it.

And no spelling errors strikethrough.  See that?  Spelling errors should have a line through it.  My days as a wit are done.  Only colored text can save me now!


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