Why No Posts, Mr. Waters?

We could go into a whole host of reasons (all good), but the main one is that my Devil Box’s Mother Board died.  Maybe Darkseid did it.  Or am I thinking of the wrong fantasy termKing Kirby would tell me, where he here.

That silliness out of the way… I do have access to the Internet via a Laptop, but this whole Lap Devil Thing is new and strange to me.  I can’t keep my focus when writting.

Hopefully things will improve.

On the comic front… don’t expect another update for a while.  With the Devil Box went my art program.  I could use my scanner and such… but.. well…  we’ll see.  Right now, I’m just trying to get my act together.

Plus there were… you know… the other reasons.  People getting sick and all….

But that’s another post for another time.  If you’re very good and very lucky I won’t bore you with details…


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