It Was As If Ten or Fifteen Words Cried Out… Then Were Silenced…

And how was your weekend?

Mine was… Okay. Even as I write this, the next inked portion of our little story is moving into my Devil Box for further processing. It’s so joyous. More, Brother Todd has assisted me with a bit of comedic timing, or some such. He suggested that a certain panel might be funnier with less words. Usually I hate losing words (wonder why that is, ponders the Writer) but in this case Baby Brother was right.

Good for him.

So, next Thursday will see one post. The Thursday after that should see the next page. And so on until I get enough of a buffer to consider two or (dare I hope?) three pages a week.

Fun fun.

More… I gotsta work on the novel.


See you soon. Assuming my overclocked brain can manage all of this.

(Old. So old Brother Eric is. But not me. I’m young.)


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