They’ll Fight For Freedom

One of the big names of my youth, and, I think, the youth of a lot of young men my age, was G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  While I never had any of the toys, Brother Eric and I watched the show religiously.  It used to bother us that no one died.  You always saw the pilots escaping just before the jet exploded, and no one seemed to ever get shot.  Never stopped us from watching it, though.

I’m bring this up because at the time of this writing, Adult Swim is running a short of serial called G.I Joe: Resolute.  I’ve been watching it the past couple of days and intend to speak about it later, once the serial is finished.

But between this and the upcoming movie, Ive grown nostalgic for the old cartoon.  So guess what Cullen does?  He hunts down a clip from YouTube.

Yikes!  You never can go home again, can you?

Oh, I’d watch this.  Really.  But not with the rapture my younger self had.  And that’s too bad.  It makes me wish the quality standards were a bit higher.

But between you and me?  I missed hearing Cobra Commander and Sgt. Slaughter’s voices.  Never quite realized how much.

Yo Joe.


4 Replies to “They’ll Fight For Freedom”

  1. Wow… I mean, WOW. It’s funny. I remember this show being cool.

    The sad part is that I probably WOULD watch this, even today. It’s not, like, causing me physical pain the way Flash Gordon or Dungeons and Dragons do…

    1. Are you so sure? 🙂

      Listen, I don’t have the same problem as you do with Dungeons and Dragons the animated series. After watching a few episodes of it, I wonder how G. I. Joe could be better, considering… everything and all..

  2. Man, I owned a ton of the GI Joe toys. When they were 11 inches tall, and didn’t have kung-fu grip. My brothers and I actually learned to sew so we could make them clothes.

    Major Matt Mason was only about 5 inches tall, but he had a cool Moon base, as well as awesome alien friends. Like Callisto, “from Jupiter–his transparent skull reveals the workings of his alien brain!” Despite his fearsome appearance, he was a good guy, though.

    Nostalgia–it’s a curse that never feels that way.

    1. Well… depends on if your a Battle of the Planets fan or not… The nostalgia definitely feels like a curse. A sort of albatross around the neck, in fact.

      Glad to see you again!

      Well… Read you… you know what I mean.

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