Or I’ll Lay Your Mind to… the Ground?

Couple of years back, I mentioned the dread earworm.  For those not wishing to do the click link thing, this is sort of like the twisted cousin of Night Gallery‘s earwig, but instead of being nice and eating your brains out, (killing you in excruciating pain) it instead plays a certain song over and over in your mind (letting you live with the repetitious madness).

This seems to happen to me.  Quite a bit, really.

Today, in fact.  In addition to being sick, I had the Tenacious D song The Metal playing in my head.  This is a… well calling it a great song is probably a bit much, but it is a great Tenacious D song, one that I rank among my favorites.  Right up there with Tribute, in fact (which really is a great song.)

Now as those who suffer from earworms can attest to, y’don’t always get the full song with an earworm.  Sometimes it’s only a part of a song.  Sometimes a very, very small part of the song.

This particular earworm wanted to be an artiste.  It kept trying to take The Metal and combined it with Sympathy for the Devil.  Specifically the following line:

…Anastasia screamed in vain

Of course, it wants to sing “in pain”, but whatever.

All this is well and good, but if my brain’s going to be creative, it isn’t going to be with other people’s works.  Well, as I’m writing Doctor Who episodes, Godzilla movies, and Spider-man stories in my head from time to time, that’s not true at all, but you know what I mean.  Right?  Right.

I try just ignoring it, writing on the novel.  No go.  Instead of characters and plot, I get “Punk Rock tried to destroy the Metal/But they failed as they were smite to the ground.”   Which, if I put in my novel, really won’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense.

So to get the earworm out of my head, I hunt through YouTube.  I find a version of The Metal.  Play it.  The earworm fades.  Have I killed it?

No.  Maybe it gets the damn thing on key, but it’s still there.

Maybe it’s happier.  Which is so.  Nice.  Really.

I’m starting to fear I have a giant monster version of an earworm.  a Kaiju Earworm.  Earworira/Earworzilla.  Instead of Osaka it’s stomping, it’s my brain, my precious, precious brain.

To the man who just shouted, “Eat it!  Eat it!  Crunch, crunch!”, congratulations!  You’ve just won yourself a free sample of  The Stuff.  It is heading your way even as we speak.

Now there’s a couple of movie references Brother Eric won’t get.  Do you know the shocking connection between the two?  Betcha can’t guess just one.

‘Cause there’s at least two.

Yeah, I’m just padding this thing out now.

As you might have suspected, I found Earworira’s/Earworzilla’s secret weakness.  I tried another song off YouTube and woosh!  Gone.  At least, gone for the length of the song.  Then it was back, knocking over thought scrapers and laying out fiery lines in my cerrabellum.

So now I’m listening to Pandora, internet radio darling.

It’s an odd feeling.  Earworira/Earworzilla is still there.  A floating cloud in my mind.  But at least I can write.


I’ve got Writer’s Block.


Guess I should have shown Earworira/Earworzilla some courtesy, some sympathy, and taste…


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