I Need a Power Girl Fix. Now.

Over at DC Universe:  The Source, they’ve posted a cover from the forth coming issue #3 of Power Girl.  Yes, my prayers have been answered and there is at last a DC comic book I can always want to buy, yet never have enough funds for.  Three times a month for Spider-man goodness over at Marvel wasn’t bad enough, oh no.  They gotta stick it to  me over at the Distinguish Competitor’s side, too.

amanda-conners-power-girlWhat we have here at right is just a small portion of a really, really nice picture.  I just wanted to focus on the Power Girl aspect.

The artist behind this image is Amanda Conner, and I think she’s one of the best artist to draw Power Girl that I’ve seen, if not the best.  There’s a lot of personality there, a lot of good detail work.

Even with the whole picture in consideration (she’s sitting on a pile of wrecked robots) I’m not sure this would be enough to attract Young Cullen (I.e. Cullen in his comic book buying prime).  But this current Cullen?  He wouldn’t be ashamed to pick up this comic.  Which is more than I can say for a few other covers with Our Favorite Superheroine on it.

But perhaps I mispeak.  Perhaps it shouldn’t be “Wouldn’t be ashamed.”

More like “won’t be ashamed.”


One Reply to “I Need a Power Girl Fix. Now.”

  1. Hi Cullen

    Glad to see another Power Girl fan and to see that she finally has her own comic. I didn’t know about the comic until I read this post of yours, which came up during an internet search.


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