The Fan’s Burden, or Bad News, Good News, Then Better News

I was going to try a little satire on this little post.  The original title was going to be “KHAN!”  and I was going to pretend to be upset by a bit of Venture Bros news I learned.   Specifically, it would be the following bit of interest from this post, with my emphasis added:

Instead of producing 13 episodes in a row–which would have killed us and/or forced us to delay the premiere until January or February of 2010–we’ve decided to split the season into two halves of eight episodes each. So Season Four Volumes 1 & 2 (as I like to refer to them) will comprise a total of 16 episodes. Volume 1 will hit the airwaves this fall–October or November, I’m not sure yet. We’re are just about to wrap up pre-production on those eight and will start getting them back from Korea next month. In the meantime, it’s back to our laptops for me and Doc to write the eight scripts which will someday be known as The Venture Bros. Season Four Volume 2, which we’ll begin producing this June with an eye towards a June, 2010 premiere.

I was going to “rant” about the former emphasized point, the breaking up the season.  Oh ho unfair!  The cruel Norns!  Why can’t the creators of my favorite cartoon show kill themselves producing what I want?!  Why must I suffer for my relatively free entertainment?  This is hte Suxxor.  And more crap like that.  Stuff alleged fans (opposed to actual fans) might well whine about.

They’ve whined about worse, and you know it.

Then, after a paragraph or two mock carp, I would note the latter emphasized point, “realize” that 16 episodes is more than the before promised 13, then pull a Gilda Radner:  “Never mind!”  The interwebs would alight in mirth and joy.  Or I would chuckle.  Win/Win as they say.

But then I started thinking about it.  Doctor Who just went off and for all intensive purposes skipped a year.  Only without even hinting at raising it’s episode count.

I’ve been a Whovian far longer than a… um…  Venturian? Venture Brosian?  Whatever.  And I not once complained about this little bit of news.  Not even in jest.

In other words, I started to feel like an utter hypocrite.  Don’t ask me why.   Just did.

So no funny satire  for you.

Or, as how things usually run here at Welltun Cares Presents, no attempted funny but actually very moronic satire for you.

So count your blessings.

Ignoring my own bizarre thought process (I know, I know,  it’s hard), let’s get back to The Venture Bros. a moment here.  How much you wanna bet that the end of Season Four, Volume One is a cliff hanger?  That’s what I would do, were I in their place.  Eeeeeevil stuff like that.


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