A Quote:

I have literally no idea what I’m going to say here. What do I need a blog for, anyway? What can I offer that millions can’t?

The only possible use I can think of for this thing is improving my writing, and I have NO intention of publishing fiction here. Essays maybe? The occasional review? Pretentiousness all the time, every time!

That’s me.

Maybe this will go with all the other blogs, started then discarded, forgotten amidst the wasteland that is the Internet.

Whatever. Who cares.

Here’s to hoping that something fun develops.

Any one out there?

For those who may not know, that was my very first post here at Welltun Cares Presents.  So much has changed since then, and so little has changed.

Since then, I’ve changed over from Blogspot to WordPress.  I’ve considered changing back a time or two since.  Dunno if I  will or won’t.  (Won’t be going to Livejournal, though.  Thanks, but no thanks.)

I’ve seen other bloggers come and go.  Beckoning Chasm has stopped.  Dave Campbell stopped, then started anewWhen Fangirls Attack, source of my highest read blog posts, has changed hands.  I myself considered quitting in December during a Dark Mood (due to a bit of bad luck and my own spoiled,  childish nature.)

I mean, what does it matter, really?  I’ve posted more fiction than I ever thought I would (around 18 articles, I think).  I’ve posted things I never dreamt of, from poetry to my own sketches.  I’ve done reviews, some of which I think are damn good.  Essays and thoughts gallore, and for what?  I don’t have more readers than before.  We seem to stay at a rather constant level there.

So I should stop.  I should walk away at some point (say, 1,000 posts, to throw out a number.)  After all, there are novels to write, and the comic to produce.  Enough art for any man to handle alone right there.


Only doing that would be ungrateful.

I mean, this is just a little website, for God’s sake.  It might brighten a few people’s day every now and again, but it’s not like it’s a living breathing thing.  It wouldn’t care at all if this was the last entry.  First, last, all the same.

The thing is, though, as dark as my moods can get, I still enjoy posting my little thoughts to the world.  This is still fun (I know I’ve said all of this before, but humor the idiot in charge here, m’kay?)

More, I’m a better writer now than when I started.  I now feel like I can actually write a novel.  I have at least three examples of this.  All it takes it doing it.  And I will.  This year.

Which is what I say every year.

But do you know what really keeps me from stopping?  The dreaded Obligatory Last Post.  Oh, sometimes it’s easy, let me tell you.  But then, I was going from one blog to another.  When giving up a blog, the dreaded Obligatory Last Post means No More Words.  No More Blog Posts.

I can see it clearly as I sit here.  I write my dreaded Obligatory Last Post.  I post it.  Then BAM! Five more post ideas hit me.

It happens all the time, after all.  I say I’m going silent, and then BLAMMO! more wordage.

Can’t let that happen.

Too embarassing.

Too painful.

So you all are stuck with me until I’m dead.

Maybe even longer than that.

Learn to deal.

Four years down.  How many more shall we go?


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