The Hell..?! (XX) – Name Changes a Go-Go, or Why I’m Going to Spend the Rest of My Life In Prision

As every one else is talking about it? Why not me? I’m a born follower.

First off, Sci Fi Channel is changing it’s name to “SyFy”.  The way I see it, being the punchline to countless jokes over their insipid programing wasn’t quite enough for the boys in charge.  Oh, no.  They wanted to go whole hog.

Beyond that, more power to them.

I mean, I can’t boycott or anything.  The only way I could watch it less than I do now  is if they didn’t have Doctor Who.  Although if my local PBS station picks up more of the later seasons…

Secondly, there’s a movement out there trying to turn St. Patrick’s Day into Shamrock Day.  See, there are those out there who find the religious aspect inclusive, or some other moronic word by people who have too much time on their hands.

Apparently they were unaware that Valentine’s Day was originally SAINT Valentine’s Day; Drop the Saint and the “problem” is solve-ed.  But no, these sensitive souls want to change the day’s name from that of a cultural hero of my people to that of a plantA fricking plant.

To the bastards who think this is a marvelous idea, let me tell you how glad I am you find it acceptable to ease the potential cultural “pain” of others by jumping up and down on my heritage.  Clearly you think some people are better than others, you bigoted twits.  Just sit down and shut up.  You’ve done enough evil already for one lifetime, thanks.

When I told the rest of the family of this wonderful idea, I suggested I might punch any person who said “Happy Shamrock Day” in the face.  Then, it was a joke.  More I think about it, the more it sounds like good, good sense.


2 Replies to “The Hell..?! (XX) – Name Changes a Go-Go, or Why I’m Going to Spend the Rest of My Life In Prision”

  1. SyFy? Really?

    Well, they lost my viewership when they decided that Doctor Who was “too British” (in the words of one of their executives) for Americans. I know they play it now, but it was a little bit too little a little bit too late in the end for me. I don’t like being insulted, but when some executive decides that the fans of an entier genre are too stupid to “get it”…

    It’s really just the last step. The Sci Fi channel has been insulting its target audience almost since it’s inception. So, as a final straw, we’ll just make the whole genre – one that struggled for legitimacy for decades – look gooftarded.

    Thanks SyFy Channel. You’ve behaved as expected.

    As for the Shamrock Day phenominon… I’d stop celebrating it entierly if they tried to do some official name change thing like that. That notwithstanding, I would like to advocate what you said about punching people, and would like to take it one step farther. I think you should open up a Cafepress store and designe a few T-Shirts. The first of which should say:

    “If you wish me a Happy Shamrock Day,
    I will Punch You.
    In the Face.”

    With “” across the back.

    1. Actually, it should be:
      “If you wish me a Happy Shamrock Day,
      I will Punch You.
      In the Face. Twice. With a Brick.”

      But then I’m a more violent person than you are.

      (That’s two potential T-Shirts. Hmm….

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