Playing With A Tablet (VI) -Before and After

Let us push the rant a little further down the page in order to once again examine the effects of having a Tablet has on my art.  I had no idea this was a series with staying power.  We hit double digits (ye olde X) we might have to make it a category unto itself.

Below we have two pictures drawn from (hopefully) Saturday’s update at On the One Road to Ruin. The Before is the original inked imaged, with only the colored foundation lines cleaned up.  The After it the same image after I work some computer magic on it.  Lines completed, small goofs erased, and some honest to God drawing to replace… questionable parts.

Here we go:


Bear in mind I have this at size FRICKEN HUGE, at a higher resolution, yet.   The resolution for the original is at 300 dpi (Dots Per Inch), with an over-all pixel size of 2558×1700.  For the blog, I saved it at a reduced dpi of 72, with a reduced over all size of 400×266.

All of this may well be Greek to you – I’m working from gossamer threads with it myself – and it might make sense.  I just want to make sure I’m not putting on airs.  i don’t want anyone to look at it at this size and think I’m working with miniatures, so to speak.  (I might draw that small, but that’s another matter…)

Let’s look at these gentlemen one at a time now. before First the before (right, click to enbiggen).  When I was inking him, I knew I screwed up the eyes.  First off, they were too small.  I enlarged them a touch, thinking to erase a bit here and there and get a better image.  i’ve done it before with great success.  Why not now?

Well, the way he’s looking began striking me as wrong.  It’s sort of a look at the reader (“Can you believe that just happened?”)  While I don’t object to breaking the fourth wall, I’m not so sure I want to do it with OtORtR just yet.  I don’t think I’ve earned it.  Worse, though, it looks coy.  Coy isn’t quite the word I wanted in the panel I was working on.  Thus the eyes had to be moved, at the very least.

Let me draw your attention now to his hair, specifically the “wing” on the left.  Notice the gap?  Occasionally I mis a spot.  No big deal, as I can fix it up on the computer.  Here it’s not even a big deal.  Not like I forgot his neck or anything.

(I did try to forget his neck, though.  Heh heh heh I’m an idiot.)

As I was drawing in stuff anyways, I figured I redraw the eyes, as well as work on moving one of the eyebrows.  If things worked out, another Cullen Triumph!  If not, well, that’s what Ctrl-Z is for: undoing mistakes.

Before we move to the next picture, Let me point out the check (left side of face.)  I’m not talking about it now.  I just want you to be aware of it for later.

Onwards and upwards.

The After picture (right, click to enbiggenafter) is, to my mind, a vast improvement.  While it isn’t on the fabled shores of Professional Quality, you can see the shore from here.

Through a telescope.

A very good telescope.

The eyes and eyebrow shift give the face a new expression, one, I think, of exasperation (“Come on, get on with it.”)  Shrinking it down, I notice some of the detail gets lost.  I’m thinking of reworking it a final time.

You might notice a few other changes, such as having the “wing’s” hole removed.  I might have done a little more here and there, especiallly when I think a curve is rather terrible.

Which brings us back to the cheek.  I’m not quite sure how much I’ve redrawn, but the over all he looks older now.  And thus more in line with the rest of the character.

Before the advent of the Tablet, I felt using art prgrams such as JASC was cheating, that it made me look better than I am.  While this is still the case to a degree, using the Tablet makes the whole picture feel more like it’s mine, and less like it’s the Devil Box’s.  With each success like today’s I begin to think maybe one day I can draw straight to the computer and cut out wasting paper altogether.

That’ll be a weird moment, let me tell you…


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