Playing With a Tablet (IV)- Handwritten Typing!!!!

So what is going on for you?   Me? I’m writing this whole post by hand via  the tablet (with a very small assist by the  keyboard).  I am NOT a fan. My handwriting is awful  to begin with. (Doctors say it’s illegible. Doctors)   With the tablet’s aid… UGH! GAH!

Bear in mind this in manuscript writing and not Cursive. I don’t dare to write in Cursive  with this.   Might summon up an Elder God of some sort. Maybe Yog Soggoth. Or his sister Nancy.

You should see no change, as the Devil Box can translate Scrawl now. Yay!

So why do it? Because I can? I mean, honestly. Nearly four years and no one’s got the whole “Blog By Whim” thing?

Some people.

Next post written by telepathy!

Or by key board.

Whichever, Whatever.


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