Playing With a Tablet (III)


Remember my very first attempt to use the tablet? How bad it looked? Well, this is draw by the same means. The Paint tool for the foundation lines, and again for the “inking”.  Well, almost; I’m thinking of doing a third layer using the Line Tool for the real “inking”.  Better line quality, I think.

Still.  Giant improvement, yes?

I’m thinking of finishing the  first story in the original method before moving to tablet altogether.  gives me more time to get used to the blamed thing.

But with every silver lining comes a dark cloud.  Brother Todd’s been at the tablet, too.  I might have mentioned on occasion that he’s a better artist than me.  He keeps proving it, too.

Here’s his second attempt using the tablet. Bear in mind that it’s unfinished.  He wants to add a background to this:


Is it any wonder I hate him?


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