Babbling Post #983 (983!!!)

We’ve covered this ground before, too, but it never hurts to repeat it.  I abandon projects.  Often.  I have several piles of notes for novels that may or may not be written.  On this site I have series of essays I’ve started, yet never finished.  The longest I’ve continued anything in my life (discounting video game playing and various non-active hobbies)  is this site here, Welltun Cares Presents.  Next month it turns four years old, and that’s four years more than I thought I’d be doing it.  Sometimes it even feels like always.

Today I finished the tenth page of the first story at On the One Road to Ruin.  That’s two more pages than the last run.  I’m still going strong on it.  After I finish here, I go back to work on page #11.

I find that staggering.

I find it staggering that I’m almost through the first part of the story (remember, the pages I did for the first run will reappear in some fashion in the near future.)

Things will be rough next month.  Next month I’m planning on novel writing on top of the web comic.  Can I keep drawing/updating through that?  We shall see.

But I think it bodes well for the novel.  I’m going to finish it.  Haven’t even start, and I know.  The next question becomes, though, will I be published?

How’s that for nerve shattering?


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