Old Providence Weeps

So.  Someone has remade The Dunwich Horror.  With nudity and gore.1 And what seems to be a very visible monster.

Uh huh.


At least the film makers had the good sense to cast Jeffery Combs.  Unfortunately judging by the trailer he’s around long enough to pick up his check.  Also embarrassing himself in this mess is Dean Stockwell.  Rumor has it that Stockwell is contractually bound to appear in every Dunwich Horror film made.  Who knew.

Maybe I’m being too hard on this film.  Maybe I’m wrong.  I once asked a girl out, honestly thinking she might say yes, so clearly I’m delusional if nothing else.2 This might be a modern classic.  All horror fans should approach it with an open mind and a willing suspension of disbelief.

BWAHAHAHAHA! Had you going there, didn’t I?

This sucker’s going to be bad, like almost every other Lovecraft movie out there.  Viewers of this film are going to be hurt and hurt bad.

They’re calling it H. P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror.  They really should call it Stuart Gordon’s The Dunwich Horror…  Even though Gordon isn’t associated with the project, let alone directing…

1 Having not seen the first film, I can’t say whether or not this is a big change. But I’m betting it is…

2 In fairness to the girl in question, she was probably wise yo say no.


4 Replies to “Old Providence Weeps”

  1. There’s no way this can be any good. The only really decent Lovecraft film adaptation I’ve ever seen was “Dagon”. It did a nice job of depicting one of my favorite Lovecraft tales “Shadow Over Innsmouth” (albeit in Spain rather than New England – but it still worked).

  2. If you get the chance, rent “Dagon” – you won’t be sorry. Most Lovecraft fans admit that it’s probably the best adaptation of one of his tales out there.

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