The Best of Welltun Cares Presents 2008 (II)

The first person to act surprised that this series of articles is continuing is getting a stern talking to. Really stern.



A short month, but full of weird goodness.  Such as:


  • Remember Too Much Information from yesterday?  Q and A (II) is more of the same.
  • Long time readers will know that I have been a BIG Power Girl fan, despite never reading any of her adventures.  Well last year that changed, as Brother Eric gave me a collection of her stories.  I reviewed most of the book for the site, starting here, going to here, and putting to a stop here (in August!).  Will I get the rest of the book finished this year?  Depends on if I can find it.  The frantic search is already under way.  Cause… I miss me some Power Girl…  big time…


A banner month filled to the brim with Welltun Cares Goodness!  We have:


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