The Best of Welltun Cares Presents 2008 (I)

Here’s a list to be proud of:  The Best of Welltun Cares Presents 2008!  And yes, I have good stuff on the blog, damn it.

We’ll do this like yesterday’s post, going month by month.  It’s a three part series, with four months per posts.  Come on, this is will be fun!


A sparce month, as I had computer problems.  However, there are two essays worth checking out.  First is The Little Voice of Good Taste, in which I discuss how my taste has improved.  It didn’t last long (though I’ve still haven’t seen the film mentioned here).

Second is See Through Dress.  It sounds a bit risque, but really it’s discussing a moment in the history of the Hulk.  The time when Betty Ross wore a see through dress.  Check it out.  It’s safe work work even.


A couple big essays and a few poems this month, all worthy of review.  They are the following


Only a couple interesting things here.  I finished off a review/analysis of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat. It’s the end of a four part series that started the year before.  Check out the whole thing with Parts One, Two, Three, and Four.

Also this month is a silly bit of fluffy talking about Being Naughty.  It’s safe for work, too.


Here’s the good stuff from April


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