Look Back In Anger at 2008

While I am still in the depths of CulNoWriMo, I thought a meme would break up the monotony here at Welltun Cares Presents.  So, without further ado…

Lifted from Atlantic Ave, this idea:

The gist of the meme: Retrieve and share the first sentence of the first blog post of each of the twelve months of (r.i.p.) 2008.

Sounds like fun.  Or depressing. Who cares!  Let’s go! The header links the first post, the first sentence is in bold green, and commentary in black beneath.

January 5

Of course, hoax isn’t the right term for what happened.

Figures the first one would be the God Damn Yeti hoax post.  Only the Bitter Man post embarasses me more this one.

And no, I’m not putting up a link to the Bitter Man.  Sigh.

Dozens of post to be proud of and this stinker won’t go away.

February 2

I am officially back on the web.

And the world cheered, I’m sure.

March 2

A small dip in (blog) creativity.

Only a small dip?  Are you so sure, Cullen?

April 1

Well, it is her birthday, after all…

Not only is that the first sentence, it’s also the whole post.  What a genius I am!

May 1

When I got the new computer, I got a 60 day trial version of Microsoft Office.

Good lord.  A post with content.  And decent content.  Not something that utterly shames me.  (Well, aside from wanting to use Microsoft Word that is.)

Well, lightning does strike people on occasion.  Doubt it will hit twice,

June 2

Never bet the devil your head
For he won’t wait ’til you are dead
He will creep up to your bed
And with a snap! There goes your head

No snarky comment here.  That’s one of the best poems I got on the site.

July 2

It’s an odd thing.

While this post isn’t bad, the next day’s post contains a link to one of the best things on the web.  Let’s put it below to disturb the unity of this post.  WARNING!  It’s Not Safe For Work!  Gory, gory!

August 5

Only one essay in and I take a hiatus.

The casual reader might be excused if they think this blog site mostly consists of posts about me returning to it.

September 2


Oh yes.  My Dad’s trip to the hospital.  Fun fun.

This post also contains another YouTube video.  It’s so good, you’ll agree that YouTube was made to contain it.

Well, no, it’s not as good as Chainsaw Maid.  What could be?  But check it out anyways.

Pure awesome, isn’t it?  Makes you stop and say, “Gee whiz!  Some people have entirely too much time on their hands.”

Oh, they do.  They do.

October 1

I’m not a happy camper right now.

The casual reader might be excused if they think this blog site mostly consists of posts about me returning to it, with the remained of the site devored to me threatening to punch people.  I assure everyone, I am a pussy cat.

Until your back it turned.

Then… heh heh heh.

November 1

The following is for the NaNoWriMo contest of 2008.


December 1

As mentioned before and no doubt will be mentioned again, I am mean to my Cousin Emily.

Gads.  How’d she weasel her way into this post.

All in all, not a great showing.  Tomorrow, more lists.  Or a CulNoWriMo update.  Who can tell?


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