New Year, New Direction

Did everyone have a nice New Year’s Eve? I did. I slept. I slept a lot.

So we are in 2009.  The first decade of the new century is coming to an end.  And what has changed?

Well, a whole hell of a lot, actually.  We could point to current world events as Same S*** Different Day, but that would be petty pessimism.  And true.

What hasn’t changed is my general situation.  I have no novel.  I has no stories published.  I am, as ever, a failure in the one task I truly love.

(Well, ignoring reading, video games, watching Doctor Who, etc. etc. etc.)

I think one of the major things that ruined 2008 for me was my disastrous NaNoWriMo.  I was looking forward to that for…  I was going to say months, but let’s face it.  I was looking forward to it the moment the last one ended.  Worse, this was going to be the One.  A novel I could send out.  A novel that could be published.  Such grand hopes dashed by a ruined keyboard and lack of money.  Devastated does not describe the feeling.

What to do?  Wait until next November?  Pin my hopes again to that contest?

I say thee nay.  I’m too mad for that.  Too tired.  Too depressed.  Too old.

Instead, I chose something different.

Today starts CulNoWriMo, or Cullen’s Novel Writing Month.  From here to January 31 I’m writing nonstop.  I’m getting a God damn novel finished.  I’m sending the sucker out.  And there is no way in hell I’m stopping until I finish.  This could be CulNoWriYe.  Or CulNoWriDe.  However long it takes.

What does this mean for Welltun Cares Presents?  As with previous NaNoWriMos, I plan on telling you how well things are going on a semi-daily basis.  This might make for dull reading, but let’s face it.  Who’s reading now?  Not many people, I’ll tell you that much for sure.

If for some reason I have more to say, I’ll post a seperate essay that day, with a Look What You Missed posted on Mondays so that you can find the non-CulNoWriMo stuff easier.

As for the comic… we shall see what we shall see.  I hope to update this month… but that’s not a priority.

Let’s all hope I can pull this off…


One Reply to “New Year, New Direction”

  1. I wouldn’t wait until the next NaNoWiMo contest. I would just start writing, and then publish an eBook.

    That is actually one of my own resolutions. I already make my living as a writer, but fiction was what brought me into my career in the first place.

    So you just need to be like me. Make the resolution, I will have at least one fiction eBook for sale before the end of the year – and then do it!


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