Some Rhetorical Questions

Which is easier? Play a game of solitaire on the computer or write a paragraph of your story?

Simple.  Playing solitaire.  All the work (setting up the game) has been done for you and now you can have fun!  Best still, no mess!  No heart break!  No searching for that one word that just!  Won’t! Come!

I play a lot of solitaire.  As well as more conventional computer games, which, let’s face it, are all high tech versions of solitaire and the board games we played as kids.

Now which is better for you?  Play a game of solitaire on the computer or staring at the blank page, trying to will that damn word into being?

Again, playing solitaire.  It takes your mind off what your doing.  It allows the subconscious to work it’s magic fingers on your brain.

It can also be a crutch, as, again, it’s easier to play a game of solitaire than write.

Now what’s more productive?  Play a game of solitaire on the computer or writing a paragraph or two on a subject completely different than your story?

The latter, of course, though you might be excused if you said “Play a game of solitaire” one more time.  I know I almost cut and paste wrote it again.

Thing is, writing is writing.  Doing it, whatever the outcome, is always better than not doing it at all.

So, what am I going to do next, what with a novel that won’t come and a short story that’s stalled?  Will I follow my own advice and write something different?  Or will I play me some solitaire?

Trick question.  I’m going to bed.  I’ve been up too long as is.

Tomorrow (another day!) will see either an essay on how I learned the difference between hack writing and masterful writing, or a review.  Dunno which.  But I do know that the comic will have yet another new page…


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