This is Not My Blog

Back here I mentioned a bit of down time for this site.  I referred to this as “blogging”.  In fact, I often refer to this site as my “blog”  Sometimes using air quotes.  As if that wasn’t really, really, really annoying by this point.  Or when people started doing it, for that matter.

The problem is, it isn’t a blog.  Oh, it fits the definition of a blog, according to Wikipedia.  And maybe I’m not entirely wrong in thinking of it as a blog at all.

But first and for most this is my writer’s Journal.  Where I go to practice my craft.  Next to no one reads it, and that’s fine.  Being read isn’t the point.

Writing is.

So, once again, I’m striving for something a day.  A review, an essay, a poem, something.  as always, I hope people dig it.  I hope to have more readers.

But most of all, I hope to write.

This is not my blog.   It’s my writer journal.


One Reply to “This is Not My Blog”

  1. Maybe the new job, that I started two days ago, will give me additional Internet access with which to post a few more items to my “blog” (I mean “journal”)

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