Online Conversations With Brother Eric

As mentioned before and no doubt will be mentioned again, I am mean to my Cousin Emily.  She’s a very nice person and deserves a better cousin.

Fortunately she has two better cousins, so I feel no guilt.

Some proof can be found in the following.

me: Oh, so that you remain on the up and up on the “Cullen is Mean to Emily” front, there’s another post up about here at Welltun Cares Presents.

Eric: I don’t get why you’re so mean to her.  She’s a perfectly nice girl.

me: It’s fun.  And it makes me look bad on site.  Part of my mystique.

Eric: Alright, pal, whatevah youse says, but I thin youse wanna be a bit nica to da goil, or I might hafta rough youse up, see?

me: I was nice to her all Thanksgiving, thank you very much.
People thought I was up to something.

Eric: (the best part of that last message?  The way I intentionally spelled “rough” correctly…)

me: Y’know… I didn’t catch that the first time…

Eric: It’s fun.  And it’s a kind of fun you can only have with language when you know the rules and respect them.
me: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I no I ain’t gotten the better grammer yet

Eric: Ugh.  Don’t do that.

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