Okay. Urge to kill dropping to normal levels.  A good Thanksgiving meal, a good meal for my Father’s Birthday (a day early) and everything is fine.  Rage is gone.  Rage is gone.

If I keep telling myself that, maybe it’ll be true.

That aside, in keeping with the holiday season, I plan to show you a horrific sight.  One that curdles the blood.  One that will give you nightma…

What do you mean, that sort of thing is only appropriate during Halloween?

I mean, really.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

I’ve mentioned my Cousin Emily a few times here.  I’ve suggest that maybe she looks like the Gorgon Medusa and maybe even a walrus.  Like such:

Cousin Emily?  Really?

Emily?  Is that you?

But now the true Horror can be revealed.  Thanks to the brave permission of the lady herself, I shall now show you the Unnatural Terror that is Cousin Emily:


Hard to believe that with a few more surgeries, she might pass for human.

(Look, I was nice to her all day Thursday.  Not only did my ulcers act up, my entire family thought I was sick.  Or up to something.  Or both.)



  1. Not seeing a spangly thing. There is a CHristmas tree behind her, though.

    Look, I used a camera phone to take that picture. It’s not going to be high art. I’m lucky you can see her…

  2. Ah. must be the Christmas Tree. It sort of looks like she’s wearing some kind of crown, though. Something out of the old version of Doctor Who, like “The Leisure Hive.”

  3. Well, I’ve always thought Emily looked like something out of “The Leisure Hive”, but I think we’re talking two different aliens now.

    Cause she looks like the green one.


    Hi ho.

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