Magical Girlfriend (II) – I Married a Witch

Back in the 17thcentury, Jennifer and her father Daniel were accused of witchcraft and were burned at the stake. Problem was, they were real witches, and they cursed their persecutor, one Jonathan Wooley, and his descendants, condemning them to unhappy marriages.

Now, in the modern year 1942, the two have returned to life.  They seek out the descendant of their old nemesis, one T. Wallace Wooley Jr.  That very evening, Wooley is about to enter an unhappy marriage.  Jennifer, fascinated by this man, decides that if he’s going to be in an unhappy marriage, it will be with her…

TV Trope Wiki suggests the following when talking about the Magical Girlfriend:

Just as the Magical Girls genre was inspired by Bewitched, it seems likely that both that show and I Dream Of Jeannie are somewhere in the DNA of the Magical Girlfriend.

Now let’s suppose for a moment that this is true.   Then we could trace the lineage of the Magical Girlfriend trope.1  As I Dream of Jeannie was inspired by Bewitched, then what inspired Bewitched (assuming we can’t trail this line of thought back into antiquity) would ultimately be the source of the Plot Archetype.  And, assuming I’ve set all of my ducks in order, that source would safely assumed to be…

Wait.  You’ve already guessed?  Gads.  It’s rough dealing with such intelligent readers.  I am truly not worthy.

Now here’s where things get dicey.  Was I Married a Witch a bad movie, I could discuss it with great abandon.  I could tear it apart with my razor sharp wit.  Or whatever I use on wretched vile movies.

Thing is, this isn’t a bad movie.  Oh, it has the One Hour Romance, or at least half of one, and I think it could have a bit more “meat” as it where storywise, but none of this bothers me about it.  It’s an entertaining film.  One that doesn’t deserve spoilers.2

What I will say is that  I Married a Witch is a whimsical romp that’s worth your attention.  If you’re into whimsical that is.  The lady playing Jennifer in this movie is one Veronica Lake, one of the most stunning women in movie history.  She really holds this film together, and it’s worth seeing for her if nothing else.

1 At least as far as America is concerned.  Japan uses the Magical Girlfriend often in anime.  We will be attending to a couple of those in the final two essays.

2 Of course, I’ve never let conscience keep me from spoiling good entertainment before.  Another problem is… heh heh… it’s been a while since I’ve watched  I Married a Witch and I’d rather skim on review than get story points wrong.


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