Magical Girlfriend (I) – Who is the Magical Girlfriend?

So.  What will we be talking about this week?  More crappy Horror movies that cause me physical and emotional pain, scars, and what not?  I say thee Nay!

Instead, we’ll talk about the Magical Girlfriend.  Who or what is the Magical Girlfriend?  Am I talking about someone new in my life?  A significant other that will lighten the awful burden that is my life?


Of course not.

Don’t be ridiculous.

We are speaking in the Language of Genre here.  The Magical Girlfriend is a certain type of Plot Archetype.  You know, one of those silly things I like to go on and on about.  Only this time it isn’t one of my made up terms at all.  It is a specific, well used one.  So specific in fact, we can quote two different sources, such as Wikipedia or that devourer of free time,  TV Trope Wiki.  Either would do just fine for our purposes.

But that would be the lazy way out.  So put up with a definition (of sorts) of my very own:

Our Hero, whom we will call Wooley for no real good reason, has a relatively event free, normal life.  He has his family, his friends, and something to occupy his time, be it a job or school.  Everything seems perfect.  Oh hell, it is perfect.

Then, one day, Wooley leaves the fields he knows for a strange place.  It might be a cave, a burning building, or some out of the way beach.  He might go willingly or he might be dragged kicking and screaming.  How he goes isn’t important, it’s who he finds there.  Namely, the girl.

For this example, let’s call her Jennifer, for the same non-reason as before.  Jennifer is a stunner.  Beautiful beyond compare.  She might even be the perfect choice for our Wooley, except for one small hitch.  She is in possession of a great power.  More, she’s perfectly willing to use that power to obtain what she wants.

And what does she want?  Why Wooley’s heart.  For our Jenny loves Wooley madly, passionately, deeply.  And woe to anyone who stands between her and her prize.

All of this is enough to upset Wooley’s little apple cart.  However there’s even more.  Jenny’s presence in his life draws in further madness that just refuses to go away…

I think you get the general picture.  For this week, we’ll cover a wide variety of type Magical Girlfriend stories.  It’ll be fun!

Now if you excuse me, I’m off to mourn my sorry, sorry love life.

Last time I asked a girl out was in my junior year at Marian.

God knows how long ago that was…


3 Replies to “Magical Girlfriend (I) – Who is the Magical Girlfriend?”

  1. Does that particular trope exist outside of anime? Okay, I’m sure it does, but it seems that the number of anime examples would overwhelm the nearest competition.

  2. There was a rather large box-office hit just this year that followed a variant of this archetype – Hancock. This sub-genre gets used more often than you might think, although seldom (at least in American cinema of the at-all-successful variety) in a form as pure as my dear older brother has described it.

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