Crap Horror Flicks Reviews (V): A Precise Summation

So what have we learned?  That I’ve seen some crappy movies?  We knew that.

When I wrote my list of points, I did so in good humor.  These were the lessons I leaned.  Each point could, in theory, become an article in themselves.

The main narritave of these posts, I suppose, is a little history of the creation of some of the ponts and how they failed me.  No matter what the standards we use, bad movies can indeed still sting us in the butt.

And this would have been a better end when the whole series was just one post.  Oh well.

Last point:  The movie discussed this week are not the worst movies I’ve ever seen.  For instance, the Howling Series has so much lower low points in it.  They are, however, movies I hate a great deal, and should be noted as such.

By everyone.

In every review.

I mean it.

One sentence:  “Cullen M. M. Waters hates this movie, and you should too.”

Get cracking people.


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