Shocked and Horrified Post #875

Click on the above image, would you? I think I’m losing my mind.  It looks very much like I’ve been cited as a source for Wikipedia.

This should send you right there as proof… but surely someone’s come to their senses and taken the link down, right?


I have this post, talking about Mary Sues, waiting in draft.  I wrote an example, a really wreched piece of fiction, that, on later rereading, I thought pretty funny.  Thought about posting it.

But now…

Now I’m thinking about taking it off Word Press entirely.

It’s not like I don’t do research.  I do.  As much as a lazy man ever does.  (Usually via Wikipedia… my God.)

I’m going to have to better.  Aren’t ?


3 Replies to “Shocked and Horrified Post #875”

  1. Yeah, I think I’ve been cited on Wikipedia as well. But not for any of the stuff wherein I thought I’d really come up with something awesome.

  2. I’m surprised you’re not cited in the Power Girl entry. I mean, really.

    But yeah, weird to see my older brother cited in Wikipedia. I mean, not entirely unexpected, but still a bit surreal.

    Also, were it not for spellcheck, I would never be able to spell the word “entirely”.

    Just FYI.

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