Power Girl Post #874 (Well, not really.)

Power GirlAre all of you sick to death of Power Girl?

Do you wish I’d talk about something else?

Something with , say, less eye-popping… features?

Well tough kittens, pal!

Cause Power Girl is here to say.

For as long as she likes.


I’m just going to… um

Take a break from writing about her?  ahhehehe?

Not sick.  Just need to find the right words.


That’s the ticket.

So, instead of part three of our series, I give you a sketch I found on me computer.  I mean mine computer.  I mean my komputer.  I mean…

Screw it.

So, without further nonsense, Power Girl!


6 Replies to “Power Girl Post #874 (Well, not really.)”

  1. IRS: Mr Waters, why was your return filed over three weeks after April 15?

    You: (Shrugs) Poofy sleeves.

    IRS: OH! Well, okay then.

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