This Blog Shall Be Changed… FOREVER MORE!

Power GirlSo how’s life been for you people.  Good?  Bad?  Me, I’ve been having power outages.  Two in the past two weeks, both of which eating up an entire day of game playing work.  I’m going out on a limb here and saying that power outages suck.  Hard core.  Black holes do not compare in the slightest.

Take that last bit as you will.


Last Sunday was my birthday.  There was going to be a big, maudlin post there about the Girl I Should Have Asked Out At Marian.  However, as my gift to you, I didn’t write it, much less post it.  I’d suggest you thank me, but no doubt it’ll pop up in future.  The Girl was very pretty and I feel very depressed about not asking her.

Instead of writing, I spent my birthday the way birthdays were meant to be spent: absolutely alone.  Todd and Dad decided the day was too nice to waste, so they went fishing, taking dear old Mom with here.  As I have no local friends (being a social slug is sucha bear) that meant an absence of people.

This, incidentally, didn’t bother me.  In fact, I found it rather droll.  I’m rather weird like that.

There was also a dearth of presents that day.  As I mentioned previously, I had a Fantastic Four Collection to go through.  Quick review?  Better than the Avengers Collection.  By far.  Expect two, maybe three essays on it in the future.  Worthy of my time.

But beyond that?  Nothing.  Zippo.  Nada.

But I knew that would change.  And change it did.  For in the coming days I received gifts that would suck up a hell of a lot of free time.  And I could bore you with each. And.  Every.  Last.  One.  Of.  Them.  But instead, let me tell you about something that tops the excellent Fantastic Four collection.  Something that would have made being alone on my birthday better a thousand fold!  Something that tops every gift that I got so far this year!  Something that will… dare I say it?  Yes, I dare!   Something that will change this blog… FOREVER MORE!

It is Brother Eric you must thank (or curse) for this.  He was on the verge of sending me a single gift, an excellent Sci Fi novel called Expendable.  But then inspiration struck.  A visit to this very blog made him realize a basic truth:  There was something I needed.  Something that I would never get myself, though I would enjoy it.

So he went onto the and lo! he made a purchase.  For me.  His big brother.

Honestly? I hate this picture.
Honestly? I hate this picture

And that purchase was a collection of Power Girl Stories.

You can’t imagine how happy I am.

So!  What does this mean for the blog?  How does it change things around here?

Well for starters, the next three posts are Power Girl Related.  It’s part of a series lovingly titled Cullen’s First Power Girl Stories.  As I see it, there are three storylines in the collection and I aims to talk about them.

After that…  Who knows?  Maybe a site redesign.  Maybe the stories suck so bad that I never, ever talk about Power Girl again.  Or even want to think about her.

Surely that can’t happen.  Can it?


3 Replies to “This Blog Shall Be Changed… FOREVER MORE!

  1. I knew Power Girl would work her way into your life, somehow. However, I can’t see you giving her stories anything but a good review. After all, “love is blind”.

  2. *looks at Power Girl illustration*
    *re-reads Henry’s post*

    Uh-huh. Blind.

    Anyway – I’m glad you liked it. And I want to let everyone know that despite the fact that I never told Cullen the story of His Almost Only Birthday Present (Expendable), he got it exactly right. That was, quite literally, almost exactly how it happened.

    Except that he forgot to mention that I paid for express postage for Power Girl, but not Expendable… and they both showed up on the same day anyway…

    To quote Q*Bert: “@!#?@!”

  3. That is a weird looking cover. Part of it looks photographic, part of it looks cartoony. Somebody in marketing must have had a FOUR martini lunch.

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