“So do you have it?”

“Have what?”

“That Thing.”

“Which thing?”

“You know.  That Thing.”

“Nnno.  Still not getting what your talking about.”

“Gah!  That Thing you were talking about last week.”

“I talk about a lot of things.”

“You said you’d bring it today.  You promised.”

“Oh!  Oh!  That Thing.”

“Yes.  That Thing.”

“Forgot about it completely.”

“Damn it!  I was planning my whole day around it, too!”

“Of course you were.  Who wouldn’t?”

“I just…  I just don’t know.”

“I could go back and scoop it up for you, if you want.”

“It wouldn’t be the same, would it?”

“Well yes it would be the same.  Only later.”

“You sure?”

“Course.  I had it happen several times before m’self.”

“Oh, all right, if you…”

“Ah crap.”


“I forgot, this is Thursday.  The Thing goes to work on Thursdays.”

“Don’t lie to me!  You didn’t forget!”

“Yeah.  Actually, I’ve been lying from the beginning actually.  I got the Thing in a bucket outside.”

“I hate it when you do that.”

“I know.  Can’t help myself, though.  It’s one of my peccadillo.”


2 thoughts on “Strange Dialogue II: Electric Bu… Y’Know What? This Joke Was Tired Twenty Years Ago. There’s No Way I’m Going to Perpetuate It. No.

  1. “You said you’d being it today. You promised.”

    How does one “being”? Ha ha ha, I’m bored at work and you’re the victim!

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