The Hell… ?! (XVIII) – What is Russian For “I Don’t Know What the Hell You’re Talking About”?

For the curious, according to Babel Fish the answer is: Я не знаю ад вы говорит о.  So you’ve now got that going for you.

Now, why did I ask this question?  Well today I received this message from Sertvfdnhgjk, a name I dare not pronounce:

Приветствую всех!
У меня такой вопрос,кто что интересное подскажет буду признателен.
Мы с друзьями собираемся поехать в круиз по просторам России и ближнего зарубежья месяца на два на своих машинах,но не как не можем согласовать маршрут,если у кого уже был опыт такого путешествия,может,что посоветуете.  Девчонок с собой не берем,думаем,что во все городах России с этим не будет проблем,если у кого будут рекомендации и в вопросе отдыха с девушками тоже буду признателен.

С уважением Сеньчик

This is, of course, staggering.  I’ve had comments from outside of my homeland before, but never in something other than my native tongue.

Had it been German, I could have had Brother Todd translate it.  Had it been Japanese, I could have had Cousin Julie look at it (memo to self: have her look at the Rube Goldburb Video).  If it was Spanish, I could have looked at it and wept.

FIVE YEARS!  FIVE YEARS I STUDIED THE LANGUAGE!  And all I can say is “Me llamo Cullen. He perdido todos mis juguetes del sexo de Godzilla. Ayúdeme por favor a encontrarlos. ¿Por qué usted ríe?”

And I’m sure that Godzilla has nothing to do with getting back to Arizona.  She said she was my friend when she told me this, but now I wonder.

That silliness aside, I took Sertvfdnhgjk’s post to Babel Fish and received the following translation:

I greet all! I have this question, who that interesting will prompt will be grateful. We with the friends intend to go into the cruise on the spaces of Russia and neighbor zarubezh’ya of month to two in our machines, but not as we cannot agree on route, if in whom was already the experience of this journey, can, that posovetuyete.  Devchonok with ourselves we do not take, we think that into entire Russia cities with this not it will be problems, if in whom is recommendations and in a question of leisure with the girls I will be also grateful. With the respect For sen’chik

Which isn’t much more enlightening, now is it?

Brother Todd knows someone who speaks Russian, so a better translation may be forth coming.  I leave you, then, with these two questions:

  1. Have I just been hit by Russian Spam?  Cause this comment doesn’t come close to what this post is about.
  2. Why doesn’t my spell check react to Sertvfdnhgjk?  It did for Cullen…

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