The Hell… ?! (XVII) – Bob Barker’s Mortal Enemy

I took a small break from writing the previous entry to hit a few sites. I started with the IMDb.  It’s always a cool place for news.

I saw an entry on my least favorite celebrity and I knew another article was in the making.  However, rather than post it the day I wrote it, I’ve back logged it.  So you may already know the stunning response Paris Hilton gave to those meanies criticizing her about her 17 doggies.

The entry starts with this sentence:

Socialite Paris Hilton has defended herself against criticism of her extensive pet collection, insisting she only owns 17 dogs because they keep breeding.

It ends with a comment from Hilton:

They keep having babies and I feel bad to give them away because I feel like, if I had a baby and someone gave it away it would be mean.

Thus it came to pass that Bob Barker’s life goal of keeping the pet population down has failed.  Utterly.

god I feel stupider just reading about her.  help me please help me


4 Replies to “The Hell… ?! (XVII) – Bob Barker’s Mortal Enemy”

  1. Paris breedng. There’s a frightening thought.

    (I reposted my response at your blog almost word for word. Hope it sticks this time. But, with this technology… I dunno…)

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