This Is No Good At All

My Devil Box has crapped out on me but good.  I’m typing this via the laptop of the very lovely, kind, and generous Cousin Emily.   Her kindness knows no bounds.

 Unless some miracle happens (and I’m doing my best to arrange something), it might be about a month before I can return on the regular.  If not more.

Sad but true.

If things improve, I’ll let you know.

I’d just like take this opportunity to thank Emily.  She never reads this blog, and I’m going to thank her in person, but it feels right to do so here.

I almost feel bad about all the rude things I’ve said about/to her.



3 Replies to “This Is No Good At All”

  1. Yeah, I just want to publicly apologize for not being able to do more to avert this, since I of all people should have known better. I promise not to post anything bitchy until you get back to the web on the regular.

    Tell Emily I said “Hi!”

  2. Computers–can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Also, they’re like goldfish–you never know which morning you’ll bound downstairs to find them floating upside down.

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