I’m running through my blog, tagging a few posts, when I encounter this gem. What catches my eye is the following:

I keep pulling for word about other aliens, like the Ice Warriors, or the Yeti, or the Sontarans. Or the Macra! Bring back the Macra!

Sontarans are coming this year, but that wasn’t a surprise.

Note the last one. Macra. Who would have thought they’d appear last series?

Clearly someone is reading my blog over at the BBC. Reading it and being influenced by it.

That’s the only logical answer, obviously. It couldn’t possibly be a coincidence.

Just think. One plea from me and we could have a classic monster come back! More Guardians of Time, please, I could say, and BAM! There they are.

Ooooh the POWER I have! For Good!

Or for Eeeeeevil.

Just think. I could push for the Rani to return! More tree people, and all of that rot!

Or Kandy Man! Or the Nimon! Or Professor Zaroff from the (supposedly) wretched Underwater Menace!

Doctor Who Fans best be nice to me. Otherwise…


Ha ha ha



6 Replies to “THE POWER!”

  1. I feel so left out in the universe for four things:

    1. I never got into “Seinfeld”
    2. I never got into “Friends”
    3. I never got into anime seriously
    4. I never got into Dr. Who

    What the hell is WRONG with me? (sob)

  2. Nothing wrong with not being into the first two, but the last two… geez…

    Classic Doctor Who is probably an acquired taste. You really have to be willing to ignore god awful special effects(and, admittedly, the occasional goofy plot), and not a lot of people will go there.

  3. Well, hopefully, I make up for some of it with my keen interest in B horror films, offbeat movies and (my new love) old time radio broadcasts such as “Quiet Please” and “Suspense”. If not, i can always back myself up with my background in H.P. Lovecraft that stretches back to 1971. Maybe not. But a geek has to try…

  4. Okay…did you actually see how the Macra were used in the episode in question? You need to work on your wishes a bit more, or when the Ice Warriors do show up, they’ll be solely used to crush ice cubes for drinks…

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