A New Cullen M. M. Waters Triumph!

I was able to tie my shoes without help for the first time! Hurray me! Never again will I trip on the stupid things! Never again will I beg strangers for help!  Yay!   Ima big kid now!

I kid, I kid.   I wear Velcro laced shoes for that problem.

No, the triumph is of a different nature entirely.   I have had my first guest comic published.

Way back in September, I mentioned that Brother Eric was attached to a web comic called Skunk Punch.  His creative role is decidedly minor – he has written only a single entry in its run – however he plays a major part of the comics themselves.  See, Skunk Punch is more or less about the drunken adventures of my brother and his room mates, as well as a bit of commentary on console video games such as Super Mario Galaxy a (which probably doesn’t need an introduction from me) and the RPG Enchanted Arms (which probably does need an introduction from me.)

Now, to speak a cold truth here, while I am a regular Skunk Punch reader, I really shouldn’t be.  The humor and art don’t quite work for me.  I will admit to laughing at several of the entries, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that I’ve dropped reading comics as good if not better if they aren’t “speaking” to me.  It’s just the way things are.

I stick with it, though.  While I have seen better comics, I’ve also seen worse that have improved over time as the people involved became more familiar with the craft.   I will say again that I have enjoyed several of their entries.  I think there’s something there behind the constant obscenities, violence, and vaguely disturbing (probably Not Safe For Work) acts  portrayed there.  With a bit of luck and practice, it might a pretty good comic.

Bear in mind that this is coming from the man who enjoys watches MST3K movies without the robots.  Sometimes a lot more without the robots.

Okay, okay, scratch sometimes and replace it with most of the time.

Or maybe all the time.

Is it getting hot in here?  Or is it just me?

Also keep in mind that there’s every chance that Skunk Punch isn’t aimed at someone like me.  It’s a more college-aged thing, and those of that group no doubt get more out of it than I do.

Were I to be pressed for a more substantial reason for my continued reading of the comic, I would be forced to say it’s do to the continual abuse of Eric.  That always makes me grin.  Whether his character is being replaced by a blender, being smacked in the face by a pie, or turned into Thanksgiving Dinner, I don’t care.  It’s a simple equation, really:

Eric Suffering Embarrassing Indignities = Comedy Gold For Cullen.

Three decades of being the eldest does that to a person.

Anyways, semi harsh review aside, around the start of November Eric begged asked me to do an entry for them.  As I was a bit busy that month for some reason, the comic isn’t quite as good as I would have like.  Fundamentally it’s a cut and paste jobber, with three or four panels (more or less) standing in for seven.  Not something I would do normally, but I was in a pinch.

However, the folks at Skunk Punch dug it enough to put it up (damn near raved about it, in fact).  I figured it worth noting and showing.  I think the comic itself  is fairly self contained, and what little I’ve told you here should give you enough to play along.  In case you missed it, or are a newcomer to the blog, Eric sometimes goes by the name or Watts.  (I am never called Amp, but I use that handle in the comic.)  Outside that, all bases are covered, you’re good to go.

My first guest comic  is located right here (click to enbiggen)  While I’m a wee bit cruder there than here, I think it’s Work Safe.  I hope you all enjoy it.

FUTURE CULLEN sez: Skunk Punch has gone the way of the dodo since this writing.  However, I have saved the best part – namely my comic – for all to see!  You can thank me with a small payment of no less that $500,000,000,000.

Well?  I’m waiting…


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