On the One Road to Ruin

Go Go Godzilla!!!

Disturbing. Isn’t it?

This is an ambitious labor of love, written and drawn by one Cullen M. M. Waters, some where nearing two decades ago. It’s from a 40+ page comic. Complete story, too.

Note the monsters talk here. This was done before I knew even the existance of Godzilla v. Gigan. Ahead of my time, I was.

This wasn’t the only comic I made. I also did an adaptation of The Last Dinosaur (perhaps fortunately lost) and a vampire epic of my own devising (which I still have). I can’t speak for the former, but the laters was also somewhere around 40+ pages. And as well written and drawn, I might add.

Okay, the gal who made a rude comment about both the art and the writing? You can just stop being so mean!

I mean, really.

So, silly tangents aside, where am I going with all this?

On November 1 (when this post should have go up), I once more embarked on creating comics. The story is called, in full, On the One Road to Ruin: The Misadventures of Krevan Arlsen and the Wizard Dredmor. As that set of words could hurt someone to say, I’ve been shortening it to On the One Road to Ruin or OtORtR. It’s set up to update on Thursdays through out NaNoWriMo and will, I hope, move to a three day a week schedule after that.

Any news I have about the comic will be here at OtORtR News (formerly Watching My Novel Grow).

The first page of the current story is located here. I have a whole lot of stories I want to tell, and I hope to be able to tell them. But more importantly, I hope to beat my 40+ record.

Join me, won’t you? Let’s see where this leads.

Future Cullen adds – No one but me cares about this sort of thing, but I worked my evil magic and fixed a broken link.

See?  No applause, no standing ovations.  It’s like no one’s out there any more…


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