Pool Side Mystery – A Fiction

[We open with two men standing at poolside. For the sake of having names, they are BRAD and TAD. While they are different men, they are at the same time almost identical. Same white teeth, same athletic build, same height. Even their hair is combed the same way.

[They are glaring in disbelief at a gathering across the way. Some of the most beautiful bikini clad women you have ever seen are ignoring them in favor of CULLEN WATERS. He doesn’t have to look like the real Cullen, mind you. Any nebbish type will do. Whatever comes readily to mind.

[There is a moment of them seething then the dialogue begins.]


What’s up with this?


Dude. That’s Cullen Waters. The world famous novelist.




He probably paid them.



[Quick cut to a BLACK SCREEN. We see the following words:

Don’t you believe it.

[Hold a moment or two, then back to the pool. BRAD and TAD are in the background, still watching. In the foreground stands CULLEN. The women are now all in a line. One after another they’re handing CULLEN stacks of money.]


Okay, smart guy, explain this.

Small Note – I dunno why I find this funny. I just do.
Brother Todd’s of the opinion that all I really needed to post was the sign…


4 Replies to “Pool Side Mystery – A Fiction”

  1. It would have to be changed to “Cullen M. M. Waters”, as to avoid confusion with the other Cullen Waters. I mean, it’s kinda rude and he hasn’t done anything to me.

    Except steal my name.

    The bastard.

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