It’s Not Coming Soon Enough

I am in real, physical pain right now. Right in the gut. Not from an outside source. Nor, God forbid, an inner malady. This pain, my friends, is caused by the potential for quality Television. TV shows that aren’t coming until next year. And let me tell you, the pain is astounding.

Two sources for this affliction. We will begin with the smaller one first.

The Venture Bros.

I have made mention my affection for The Venture Bros. The only way I could watched that show more is by owning the DVDs. Which I won’t do. I mean, beside other financial concerns I need to spend my days in ways other than watching a cartoon show over and over again.


Oh, who am I kidding?



Possible addiction problems aside, after a drought of news, Blog@Newsarama posted an entry on the next season. I found the following bits particularly note worthy:

I think we managed to hit just about every semi-important character who’s appeared before (with the exception of Baron Ünderbheit–might as well tell you now), including some Season 1 favorites who didn’t get much play in season 2. And we introduced plenty of new ones, adding multiple layers of backstory (and forwardstory) to the Team Venture saga. And though we wrote more “stand-alone” episodes than usual, there is definitely an arc to this season. Long time viewers will undoubtedly get more out of it than newer ones, who we’ll probably alienate altogether.

Excuse me. Tears in my eyes. Be right with you.

The Venture Bros. won’t be on the air until next spring. So no one can blow up the world until after I’ve seen all the episodes a googolplex times. Like God intended.

Doctor Who

Which should be a giant “Of course!” When have I not been excited about new Doctor Who?

Well, the tie-in novels.

And Death Comes to Time.

And Scream of the Shalka.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Unlike Venture Bros., we’ve had a nice stream of news from this series. Including:

  • Donna Noble (Cathrine Tate) is joining the Doctor on his adventures. Donna appeared in The Runaway Bride, and while she has (more than) a few detractors, I’m glad to see her back.
  • Repeated rumors of Davros, creator of the Daleks, returning to the series. As Davros is one of the best Doctor Who Villains, this would be very, very good.
  • Repeated rumors of the return of classic Cybermen. Not that the new ones were bad (they weren’t) but while watching The Invasion I definitely missed these guys.
  • Tennant staying on through the season. A bit of a bummer with this news, mentioning that 2009 is only going to be specials. Oh well…
  • An everything-and-the-kitchen-sink ending. This one… not thrilled with, but I don’t hate. You know how it is.

But the best news, the absolute best news, is the return of the Sontarans. Man, I love the Sontarans. And with the improved FX… Oh boy, will these potato heads look good!

Doctor Who comes again sometime next year. Earlier in England than here in the US for some strange reason. Doesn’t seem fair. Ought be a law against it, in fact…

On this we have letter boxed Rodan coming, a new Batman movie coming, a new Hulk movie coming…

All next year…


Oh the pain!

The pain!

The exquisite pain!


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