The End is Nigh! Brother Eric Has Posted Another Blog Entry!

FUTURE CULLEN sez:  There was a link to Eric’s blog here.  But Eric’s blog has gone the way of the Dodo.  Thus the link is removed.

This post remains up as a record of my blog’s history.

For those who care (which, as far as I know, is all of you), Brother Eric has once again updated his blog. He’s even goes as far as stating he will be updating again this Wednesday.

He probably shouldn’t do that. Setting plans for blogs only leads to heart break.

Today’s entry deals with the Castlevania series, which means I have little to no interest in it myself. Never quite dug it the way the other Brothers Waters did. (Though 3 was pretty good.) Thus I won’t babble about it here. Though if he does stray into my interests, you might see more video game thoughts here.

Anyways, hopefully you all will enjoy Eric’s essay.


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