I Might Take This Personally! REALLY!

Supergirl 000On August 9th I wrote a little essay praising the new Supergirl artist. I even suggested that I might perhaps purchase a forth coming trade.

Four days later DC replaces both writer and artist.

Now I know that it’s not me. A comic company doesn’t change everything just because I praised something.

Doesn’t stop the thought from entering my head.

Silly really.

Ah, the hell with it. DC is persecuting me! They dropped a perfectly good team just to get up my nose! They know I was a Marvel Zombie growing up and now they’re making me pay for it! The bastards! The cold hearted bastards! It’s like they’re punishing me! Don’t they know I’m single, alone, and have too much time on my hands? WAAAAAA! WAAAA!

Hmmm. That might have been a bit over the top. As well as containing a bit too much information.

Kidding the paranoid fan boys out there aside (I hope to God no one thought I was being serious), I’m hopin’ for the best here. Though so far the art looks like business as usual…


2 Replies to “I Might Take This Personally! REALLY!”

  1. They had apparently not planned to keep them for more than three issues, despite the fact that in the initial announcement interview Bedard went on and on about his glorious vision for the character.

    If it makes you feel any better, I feel totally cheated out of Guedes’ hot new Supergirl (the one that made me want to subscribe to the book in the first place) and I’m not a fanboy.

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