Phat Supergirl or Fat Supergirl?

Supergirl 000No doubt others will say this better than I well. Doesn’t matter.

I can’t say that I’m a Supergirl fan. Like Power Girl, I think she’s a character with a potential that hasn’t quite been realized. The problem with both characters is that power-wise they’re too close to their cousin. I’ve enjoyed many a Superman comic, but I’ve neither collected them nor set out to buy one.

Were I to pick a DC character I liked, it would be Batman. Rule of thumb being low power equals more interesting stories. It’s not always true, but that’s the way it is.

(On this, I have to add, I tend to be a bit chauvinistic in picking my heroes. I pick up stories about guys fighting evil far quicker than gals fighting evil. It’s a prejudice I picked up as a boy that I’m trying to shake.)

All of this is merely prologue for the following image:

It’s A Bird…  Wait, that might be read wrong…

It’s hard to put into words what this picture does for me. In recent years, I’ve seen other pictures of the character I liked, that I thought might be worthy of her. This one, though, stirred up something else. Something like seeing an old friend. “Oh there you are! How have you been! It’s good to see you!” That sort of thing.

It reminds me of how comics used to be. While she’s in potentially sexy clothes, she is not a sex object. She is a protector, someone of power, some one determined to stand and be true.

I think it’s a good picture.

I think it’s a worthy picture.

It’s from Supergirl #20 and I dunno about the rest of the comic, but with art like that… It looks like something to pick up. More so than a lot of the comics I’ve seen out there. It almost makes me want to be a Supergirl fan. It makes me want to go out, join a forum, and be a right and proper member of a community of like minded individuals!

And then I read something like this:

Making her fatter and uglier with those biker shorts… it just annoyed me and made me feel like Supergirl and her fans are getting punished.

And this:

This issue confirmed all my fears about the new creative team. How long is their stay on the title? I can’t wait till it ends. Art is the worst we’ve seen on this title by far (they actually made Supergirl fat and ugly)

And I realize the last time I dived into a comics community I spent most of the time there in a white hot fury talking with idiots. Idiots who felt their opinions were as important as mine.

Not good.

So I’m just going to confine my praise to this little blog here. And when a trade collecting the Supergirl stories by Renato Guedes and Tony Bedard (hopefully the first of many), I’m going to pick up a copy, just to see if it really is as good as it looks.

And while I’m at it, I’m going to go get that Power Girl collection I saw the other day. It’s time to put my money where my mouth is on that lady.

Half a moment. That didn’t come out right some how…

I would be remiss in not pointing out that I lifted both the image and the quotes from the Occasional Superheroine. She has collected a series of quotes at that particular essay, complete with links to the source. Some of the quotes are excellent. Others make me embarrassed to be male.

And considering who I am and some of the dumb things I’ve done, that’s saying something…


17 Replies to “Phat Supergirl or Fat Supergirl?”

  1. Hi there!

    Nice post. I agree with you as to the Supergirl image, and how she is being portrayed in the new series. I started reading the series, but due to money concerns, had to cut back on alot of titles I would like to continue reading. Blast those high gas prices!

    Anyway, as far as the comics community goes, you will always find people that have a fave creative team , writer, artist, etc. Even I am fickle that way, but I will not trash the comic, unless it is really deserved.

    Don’t be discouraged, just stand your ground, and talk intelligently from the heart. I respect that more than anything.

    I’ll check out the other link to Occasional Superherione later and I will put a link to your post here later today, as I think others should read your post.

    I do have one question for you thou…what are your feelings about Wonder Woman and her costume and portrayal?


  2. It’s a well-drawn image, but her stance seems all wrong. It’s like someone is standing in front of her saying, “Well, the maid didn’t dust in the rafters again. You can see a cobweb up there. No, no, further up. No, it’s even further up than that. Sheesh, when you lean back, someone can almost see your bra. You should straighten your arms. That’s better.”

  3. bluecollar49: It’s not being discouraged so much as the over-all feeling that I’m sinking to their level. Or, rather, the feeling that I’ve always been there only I hadn’t realized it.

    As for talking intelligently… Geez, man, can’t I talk like I’ve always talked? 🙂

    On the subject of Wonder Woman: What I think probably could fill up another essay. Which I’m thinking about doing now, actually. In short, though, there’s another character I’ve sort of liked, yet haven’t followed very well over the years. Which means I really can’t say much about how she’s been portrayed these days. Sorry about that.

    I can say, however, that the costume has always been a little slice of the ridiculous, even if you made it into some sort of armor. Not enough covering. In the slightest.

    On the other hand, it’s such an iconic costume by this stage that we’re stuck with it. I mean, when we think of Wonder Woman, we don’t think of the seventies Emma Peel costume (I’m not completely ignorant of the character – just almost ignorant). We immediately think of that silly suit.

    And Lynda Carter.

    Always Lynda Carter.

    Practically to the exclusion of anything else.

    What was the question again?

    Silliness aside, I hope that answers your question. I only wish it could have been better.

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Beckoning Chasm: She does look very stiff there, doesn’t she? But at least it it’s not a Greg Land clone. That would be bad.

    Thanks for your continued comments. Sorry it couldn’t be a five page response. 😛

  5. Actually, she looks pretty cute, here. Sort of like someone finding out that his real girlfriend is Supergirl. (then she gets pissed because he found out)

  6. I find it particularly disturbing that the fanboys of which you speak looked at THAT supergirl and thought “ugly and “fat”. I mean, c’mon, that character looks like a completely normal, healthy woman. I know that, in comics, normal, healthy women are often portrayed as super-model thin with massive breasts and thighs and porn faces, but surely their sense of reality can’t be warped THAT much?



    *Skulks off into a corner to cradle her Wet Moon collection*

    (just a quick note to dispel any NOOO FEMINAZI! responses, I am well aware that most fanboys are not the hideous stereotypes that TV portrays them to be, I’m referring specifically to the guys who made those comments.)

  7. I LUFF that image! 😀

    Completely and totally 😀 And I’m definitely not alone XD

    But I knew there’d be a “fat and ugly” backlash. :\ But those are the guys who expect pseudo-porn from their comics and are so used to this unrealistic standard of beauty that their ideas of what’s “thin” is prolly completely off. :\

  8. Well, compared to the horrible torsobeast that SG used to be, I guess this new design is “fat.” However, it’s a much more artistically sound interpretation, AFAIC.

    And I have a BA in comics, so clearly my opinion matters more.

  9. Sorry but she does not look like a “normal and healthy” woman. She looks like Lindsay Lohan (didn’t someone already pointed that out in those training sketches from the artist?). And that’s saying plenty already. That ISN’T realistic, it’s already a beautiful glamourous person.

    She’s thin as hell. And she has a gloriously beautiful face (and angelically blonde). She’s already a freaking super-model (this girl in real life [or even a movie] would be the beautiful popular cheerleader, for God’s sake)! There’s plenty of sex-appeal there, it’s just that she isn’t looking like she’s “ready to get busy” or as if she’s in a porn cover in every panel. She’s beautiful but she’s not made to look to remind you of the word “sex” at every moment.

    Leave people saying shit alone with their porn. They just didn’t like it that she doesn’t has a cutie-lolita fetish poses, faces and body (and expressions that say “I’d fuck anything, even YOU!”).

    The only thing that COULD bother me is that her suit looks a bit like a PJ in this “indie realism” style. But I guess that’s part of the territory (since I’ve thought of Superman’s suit in the same way). I guess she must have some sex-appeal, maybe, since I’m sure Superman has some sex-appeal (freudian big daddy or whatever). But that’s already a big maybe, it shouldn’t be smex! in every goddamn panel…

    Leave the sad people alone with their porn.

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