Am I a Bitter, Bitter Man?

Power GirlYou write. You write a lot. You write on a variety of subjects, but under a general theme. You put up stories, you put up poems, you put up reviews, you put up your art. You aren’t sure that this is the best you can do, but in the time you allow you have allowed yourself, it not bad. You find yourself improving, though. There’s that. There’s always that.

The views don’t come. You have a small, loyal audience base, and that’s great. Maybe it’s even better than you deserve. But you write. You write a lot. Worse, there is a voice in the back of your mind whispering that worse writers than you are doing better.

Much better.

But that’s pettiness. That’s envy. Besides, you aren’t here for that anyways. This is practice. This is to make your wordcraft stronger. Which it is. it is getting stronger. It is.

One month you decide to do something. One whole month of posting, no gaps, no nothing. You’ve done it before, but under a certain theme. Well to hell with that theme. You won’t even mention it except maybe in vague passing. You are going to post, post often, post long.

For the most part it’s a good thing. True, you’ve fudged here and there. There was a weekend where you could have done more. A day when you should have done more. All in all, though, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is what the blog should have been like to begin with.

As the month passes, something change. You sit down at the computer and, while you do goof off, It’s not as much as it used to be. You don’t have as many of those blank spaces where you stare at the screen, where you string words together to no effect. You do write things. Sometimes in volume. You feel a change in your head, in your attitude. It’s sort of like your first really good drawing. The one where you set out to draw a scene and every line came together as you intended.

It’s like that first story, the one that convinced you that you could do this.

You start to think, hey! I can do this for two months! Three months! I want a year! Let’s plot some novels! Come on, come on, let’s plot some novels!

Then you notice the views. In the two hundreds. Last month it didn’t even break a hundred. And now it’s hitting better than two hundred. Daily.

You get excited. You can’t help yourself. You wonder what these viewers are looking at, what they are coming for. Maybe you can do a week of this one thing. See if you can get more readers. That’s not what this blog is for – it’s for practice, it really really is – but more readers mean more comments and that can’t be bad.

Finding out is easy. The blog you use will, with a click, tell you just what the viewers are viewing. It’s so easy! You go to the dashboard eager, happy.

What do you find? Why are people going to your blog?

For you images?

For your prose?

For your poems?

For your thoughts and ideas?


For Power Girl’s boobs.

Not just any Power Girl picture, mind you, but this one in particular:

My sketches suddenly look better for some reason…

It’s un-Goddamn-believable.


Look! Look! I’ll prove it to you.

Here’s a good one:

Sweet Power Girl

Here’s another:

Power Girl

All staggering better. All on this site.

Is it that the essay in question is just. That. Good?


Nearly a month’s worth of stuff, and it’s just this one essay people are clicking on.

To see a bad picture of Power Girl.

But am I bitter? Am I upset?



15 Replies to “Am I a Bitter, Bitter Man?”

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve put up essays that I’ve put a great deal of thought and time into, and had one or two comments, and then put up a silly picture with a couple of lines of writing and had a ton of commentary. You just never know!

    But that is a terrible picture of Power Girl.

  2. I can sympathize.

    I write a nice thoughtful review of Harvey Pekar’s coming-of-age graphic novel “The Quitter” and I don’t get any comments apart from a “Thanks for the positive review” message from the artist. Which is very cool but I was hoping to see a lot of discussion.

    I write a scathing column in which I take Judd Winick to task for writing a story where Deathstroke defies the laws of physics in order to orally rape Black Canary with his sword… the world can’t beat a path to my door fast enough.

    Any chance any of those new readers stuck around to read the rest of your work on a regular basis?

  3. SallyP: And the thing is I know this. I’ve seen other bloggers go through the same deal. And yet somehow I must of thought I was immune…

    “Starman”: I dunno if any stuck around. If I was more constant with my subject matter, say talking about just comics or talking about just one thing, then maybe. The way I’m flitter about on various topics (even though there is a theme somewhere in there), I might be my own worst enemy on that.

    Thank you both for your comments.

  4. This happens to me too! Everybody just goes to my blog to look for smexy Supergirl pics or for the “Ultimate DC” pics I linked to a while back. >.>;;

    It annoys me that everybody ignores everything I say

  5. By and large, I only visit for what people say. Pictures are pictures, but they’re the pass-around packs. It’s what people say that marks them out from the usual mopes who drool on their keyboards. You can comment on PowerGirl’s tits any old where (for all the good it will do you), but it’s what people have to say about comics that makes them worth a look, or more than one.

    Scathing, on the other hand–people do find it attractive when you roar, particularly if they can say “you suck!” right back–or when you roar something cogent enough that they find common ground. I snarl just to vent the steam from my head, but apparently people find much to study on in what I say.

    I’m here because When Fangirls Attack heard your cry and found it worth sharing. You’ll still be here when PowerGirl’s chest deflates, and the gawkers move on to something else. Keep putting up the smart words, and people will accrue.

  6. I used to get most of my google hits for the “strip” in “comic strip”. I guess the picture search option changed that. The picture search, though, is going to stay, so this situation will probably get worse rather than better.

    We’ll have to learn to live with that. Surround the boob images with lots of good writing, and maybe some people will get distracted or come back later when they’re in a more reading-friendly mood.

    Like Tamora, I came from “When Fangirls Attack”, and strictly for the words. I’ll stick around a bit for more words now.

  7. I googled “bitter writer bitter man” out of boredom and the urge to satiate some strange fetish for indignant writing, and you were the first result. I enjoyed every word (including the comments). I want you to know I’m an avid Stumbler, I’m practically addicted to StumbleUpon, but I never feel compelled to comment on any of the hundred entries I’ve come across…until TODAY.

    I’m an artist, I had a blog for about a week that featured unstructured ramblings and (sometimes) relevant artwork, a few entries a month on my part. I wasn’t very dedicated, mainly because I needed to scan work and be patient, things no one should have to do, but I enjoyed the time I put into it and I really enjoyed the feedback, even the uncouth and moronic few who found it amusing to insult anything, really; I was content with the small amount of viewers and I grew appreciative of an increasing number of hits, particularly because of my artwork. Then I realized that I was being linked to and incessantly man-handled (almost on the verge of being gang-raped) because the recent series of character sketches included some “hot chicks” with a number of “hot” features. :C

    Yes, yes, you too now know the outrage and disappointment with which i view the online community. Sure, there are exceptions…
    an impressive few that offer insight and stimulus, but the rest really like themselves a good pair of boobs, however poorly the image might be rendered and despite obvious fictitious elements.
    I even received comments about my profile picture :O

    I hope one day they will learn that words can also evoke pleasure, even the un-naughty ones, AND that drawings and images don’t have to feature body parts in order to make you salivate copiously.

    Until then, I hope you continue writing and including whatever images you damn well wish to include (unless copyright prevents) and I wish you well with everything, especially a better audience 😉

  8. Daniela – My constant readers are VERY VERY good. They put up with a lot of whinging and whining on my part, and never snicker at my behavior. Or at least they never fess up to snickering, AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS! 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words and good luck to you.

    TO everyone else: I thank all who have replied since I was last here. I don’t wander back to this particular post as it embarasses me. Especially the number of hits it’s getting. Again, thanks for taking the time to post.

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