Elevate Your Sense of Parody

I don’t know why I go to Ain’t It Cool News.

Specifically, I don’t know why I go to their TalkBack forum. Take all that is bad about the Internet, concentrate its most obnoxious part, add a heaping dose of STUPID FREAKING MORON and you’ll have an experience that is preferable to dealing with the dwellers of that particular forum. Nasty, nasty people.

And yet, the braniac that writes for this blog decided to dive in when they were covering Doctor Who. I mean, we’re all fans, right? Doctor Who Fans are the smartest in the world!


So while I am, myself, being a STUPID FREAKING MORON just by reading the TalkBack, I stumble across a troll.

Well, let’s face it, most all of the posters there are trolls of one stripe or another.

This one, however, goes the extra mile. Every time Doctor Who is mentioned, he/she/it rags on the Daleks. To be precise, he/she/it rails about how all you need is a flight of stairs to stop them. Doesn’t matter if Daleks are in the episode or not. We’ve gotta make our “clever” little comments.

While there might be a way of using the whole stairs v. Dalek thing in a clever, funny manner, even after better than forty years with the characters, this individual does not strive so high.

But what makes the whole thing even worse is this scene, from the 1988 story Remembrance of the Daleks. (The clip is on YouTube. If you, for some reason, can not use YouTube where you are, you can click here for an enlightening, perhaps even elevating, image from the clip.)

Never mind the fact a Dalek story in the new series can’t pass without a scene of flying Daleks.

Am I totally wrong in saying that the joke is almost twenty years dead?

I don’t care if someone mocks Doctor Who. Even soulless harpies with no taste can have their own opinion, so why can’t Who haters? But please, for the love of God, come up with something new.

Just once.

Surprise us.


7 Replies to “Elevate Your Sense of Parody”

  1. Even so far back as The Dalek Invasion Of Earth, Daleks could travel along the bottom of the Themes River and easily rise up the banks of the river – which would be a lot more challenging than any set of stairs.

  2. You know, some people just can’t help being morons. Some people just can’t help but rattle on when speaking of subjects their minimal personal knowledge store is woefully past its serve by date. It would be nice if they would learn to shutthe hell up, but we’re not living in that world.

    A friend of mine recently told me of a classmate in her Sociology 101 class that was under the impression that not only was Mississippi a COUNTRY, but SLAVERY WAS STILL LEGAL THERE.

    I find the idiot you speak of comparable to the idiot in my firend’s Sociology class, don’t you?

  3. McCoy was a fine Doctor, had the potential to be another Troughton I thought, but he had the worst stories of any Time Lord.

    I think the credit, “Script Editor – The Master” probably explained a lot…

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