The Patty Duke Factor

We’ll get to Patty Duke in just a second. First, let’s talk about the greatest SCi Fi series EVER, DOCTOR WHO!

As the third season of the new Doctor Who nears in Britain, I have eagerly, eagerly I tell you!, sought out more information, hints, rumors, and lies for what may come.

I have thrilled to the news of Derek Jacobi making an appearance. Great actor. Played the Master once. Really exciting stuff.

I have chills about more Dalek episodes. I keep pulling for word about other aliens, like the Ice Warriors, or the Yeti, or the Sontarans. Or the Macra! Bring back the Macra!

But the ravings of fan are but a fraction of what brings us here today and not an ounce of what’s causing me to smirk as I type.

Billie Piper, the actress who portrayed the Doctor’s previous companion, has been replaced by Freema Agyeman. Agyeman has already made one appearance on Doctor Who. She played a young woman named Adeola who is killed during the course of the episode. When the next season of Doctor Who begins, she will play Martha Jones.

I had heard that there would be some reference to Agyeman being in both roles, but I never guessed the awesome truth.

According to this entry, there’s a good chance that Adeola and Martha are cousins.

Don’t you see? They’re cousins! Identical cousins all the way!

Now I knew that there’s a very good chance that I am the only person on Earth laughing at this. But guess what?

I don’t care!


Next time: A post with real content. Or not. Who can say?

FUTURE CULLEN NOTE: The original title for this “essay” was “The Ghost of Patty Duke Has Touched Doctor Who!” I liked the title (still do) but my Dad made a comment on this oh so vital information which, on reflection, made a better title.


6 Replies to “The Patty Duke Factor”

  1. Oh squeee. I’m glad you still have some of that infectious enthusiasm. I’m kind of dreading what sort of thing Mad Rusty Davies could possibly get up to next.

  2. I can’t help it. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for a bit better than a quarter of a century. He’s been one of my heroes for as long, and I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.

    So far, while there have been a few bummer episodes, the series has been in better shape than it has ever been been. I have my own little gripes here and there (i.e. stories are too short, and so forth), but these are all petty little things. It’s loads of fun and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. …I take it all back. So far I am reaaly loving this series. I like it so much I can’t bring myself to review it . They seem to be fitting into the 45 minute format better this time round.

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