The Man-Thing (III) – The Fan Art

Sometimes I despair.

Sometimes I look at something I’ve drawn and I think, “I’m never going to get any better.”

And then, sometimes…

Cover to Man-Thing

 Here we have the source model. I probably could have winged it – the character is very distinctive – but I thought, why not?

I didn’t set out to copy this image exactly. Just to use it as a reference source. I also thought about using some of the colors to color my version, but that didn’t work out too well at all.

Looking back, I probably should have just gone for it. I need to improve my backgrounds along with everything else. Oh well. Baby steps are still steps, right?

Initial SketchHere we have the initial sketch, warts and all.

You might notice that the hanging thing on the left side of his face look rushed in comparison to that on his right. (What are they called? Giblets maybe?) This is, of course, what it is: rushed. Cullen got tired of drawing the damn thing and wanted to move on to something else. Bad Cullen. No cookie.

That is, of course, half my problem right there. I’m impatient. I want this thing done and done right now. I’d be a better artist if I just took my time.

Personally, I blame TV.

Man-Thing InkedHere we have our picture with the “inking” done.

Note the symmetrical giblets. I “drew” the most completed side using Jasc Paint Shop Pro’s “Freehand Line” function, then cut and pasted the thing to complete the head. Doing this led to the forehead being bigger, and, honestly, more in line with the rest of the face. Also the, uh, nose giblet (?) ended up a bit shorter.

Only the basic head and giblets were completed through cutting and pasting. The eyes were “redrawn” after the face was complete.

Everything was done using Freehand Line. I’d used other functions before (notably “Bezier Curve” and “Point to Point Line”), but each time I went away feeling the work was less mine and more Jasc. With Freehand Line tracing each of my hand drawn lines, I feel that much more of my personal style comes through. It’s probably all in my head, but I feel better, and that’s what counts.

One last point. I have Man-Thing waving (almost) in the image. I can’t tell you how close I came to drawing just two shoulders. Another BIG problem I’m having is that I’m falling back on Jasc and cutting and pasting too much. “This doesn’t look right. Oh well. I’ll fix it on the computer.”

Drawing the hand forced me to forget about that sort of fix. On this, it was also good practice on a God damn hand. God, do I hate hands! And feet! Don’t get me started on feet!

Net result for all of this is, without a doubt, one of my better hand jobs. (Err…) While there are problems here and there with structure, the fingers look more like fingers, and less like irregular tubes of salami. Which is nice.

Man-Thing CompleteAnd here’s the finished work. I pulled the colors from the cover itself, as planned, but I ended up darkening them a touch. Looks better that way, to me.

While this doesn’t quite match the original, it seems, to me, more of a stylistic thing rather than a fault. In any case, I love the end result. I think I nailed the character, which is always a good thing.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this look at one of comicdom’s lesser lights. And hey! A completed series! How about that?


6 Replies to “The Man-Thing (III) – The Fan Art”

  1. Yes, yes of course…you can’t draw…. 😉

    Huh. I have absolutely no talent for drawing, or any visual art – collage, sculpture, watercolour. If I tried to draw that you’d come off looking like Leoardo Da Vinci. Stick wid it!

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